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Rigid Graphite Insulation High Temperature Rigid Graphite Insulation Board

Composite Rigid Board Insulation

Developed to provide all the advantages of conventional graphite rigid board insulation, but able to withstand the added demands of modern high temperature furnaces.

Close-Up View of Rigid Graphite Insulation BoardConstruction: Composite Rigid Board (CRB) is produced by laminating multiple layers of rigidized graphite felt between 0.025" thick sheets of Carbon/Carbon Composite (C/C). Optionally, graphite foil may be bonded to one or both faces.

Sizes: Boards are manufactured to customer specified sizes, eliminating the need for most joints. Panels are available in sizes up to 90" long x 55" wide x 8" thick.


Erosion Resistance: C/C composite exterior provides a robust barrier; protecting the insulating core from damage by dropped parts, melt splatter, or high velocity particle abrasion. Fabricating hot zone panels as single monolithic sheets eliminate most joints; a significant source of particle generation.
Machinability: CRB is readily machinable with conventional methods such as cutting, drilling, sawing, and milling. Panels may be supplied with pre-machined shiplap joints to facilitate rapid furnace rebuilds.
Dimensional Stability: Solid C/C composite construction will not bow, warp, or crack as a result of thermal shock or cycling.

CRB-220 Composite Rigid Board Insulation : Data Sheet

CRB-220 Composite Rigid Board Insulation : Typical Cross-Section